Brittany Miller Obituary, Brittany Miller Has Sadly Passed Away

Brittany Miller Obituary, Death – We are saddened to inform you of the sudden and unexpected demise of our good friend Brittany Newton-Miller. Her passing came as a complete shock to all of us. Many people are suffering as a result of Brittany’s passing, as we grieve the loss of a wonderful life that was cut short at such a young age. She was admitted to the hospital on Saturday, January 14, with an elevated white blood cell count and a possible diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia. Her illness deteriorated at a quick rate.

Brittany experienced many brains bleeds after receiving medical treatment to induce a deep slumber and then having an endotracheal tube inserted into her windpipe. On Wednesday, January 18, the medical professionals carried out a battery of functioning tests, the results of which revealed that there was no longer any brain activity. That afternoon, she took her last breath. Trying to give a good description of Brittany is not an easy feat. When I think of her, so many words come to mind: energetic, bubbly, performer, loving, caring, sincere; nevertheless, none of these words feel like enough to adequately describe her.

Brittany was a young woman who was full of zeal and vitality. She had a stunning glow about her that drew others to her, and she brought a great deal of joy to others via her enthusiasm for dancing. She brought an indescribable amount of enthusiasm, comradery, and excitement to each and every community she became a part of, including her cherished Bollywood dance family and her Wish Heart dance family. Her advocacy for equality, rights, and respect for gay communities were intersectional, loud, and strong, reflecting the fact that she was a part of the LGBTQIA+ community as well as an ardent advocate for its causes.

The opportunity to call her a friend and to get to know her was a real blessing. The two people in Brittany’s life who meant the most to her were her husband, Elliot, and her family. Debbie and Toney Newton have no other children, therefore Brittany was their only child together. She had an unwavering love for her parents and always made sure they knew how much she appreciated them. Anyone who had the good fortune to know Brittany and Elliot at the same time could tell from a mile away that Brittany had discovered her true love in Elliot.

Their friendship was the seed that eventually gave rise to their love for one another. That friendship was characterized by obvious chemistry, infectious laughter, and mutual respect. On October 30th, they had the wedding of their dreams to honor their love, and then they went on their honeymoon to France and Greece. It seemed that every day they spent together was an adventure for them, whether they were exploring a foreign country or going out to their go-to margarita joint in their hometown. Donations will be used to pay for funeral costs and medical bills. The extra money will help pay for family travel and lodging, Elliot’s living costs, and one of Brittany’s favorite charities, The Trevor Project. Click HERE to donate to make donations to Brittany’s GoFundMe.

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