Brian Smith New Brunswick, Atlantic Drag Racing mourns Brian Smith death

Brian Smith Obituary, Death – Today, the Atlantic Drag Racing family said goodbye to a member of the family named Brian Smith. You had such a sweet and gentle spirit when you were alive. You have documented many significant moments in my young life through photographs. You documented my junior and super pro racing career at a number of different races and took photographs. You never failed to show up at the pits carrying one of these mustard-colored envelopes. You would hand the envelope to me, say “this one’s on me,” give me a knowing wink, and then proceed to the subsequent pit stop.

When I opened it, there would be a fantastically retouched picture of my race car inside. When we were junior dragster racers, we never knew what to expect when we tore those envelopes open. I have kept every photo that you have given to me throughout the years. I went to my first Varsity Reds Men’s hockey game during my first year away from home while attending university at UNB. The game was played by the UNB Reds. During the course of the game, I noticed that you were taking pictures of it.

You were the only person I recognized out of the many new people I had just made the acquaintance of. When I crossed the stage at my graduation from the University of New Brunswick four years later, I noticed a familiar face near the stage taking photographs of the UNB graduates. This person had a proud-looking expression on their face.

I would like to express my gratitude to Brian for photographing significant moments in my life that I will always treasure. I will never forget how kind you were, your voice was so soothing and caring, and your photography was incredible. You instilled in me the values of always being kind, that good sportsmanship is more important than anything else, and to always try my best.

When I look down the track before a pass and I don’t see the end of your camera lens with that flowy grey hair behind it, the startling line will never again be the same. Brian, may you rest in peace. Your friends and family in the drag racing community will grievously miss you.

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