Brian Daoust Obituary, Auburn Mass. Little League Brian Daoust’s Death

Brian Daoust Obituary, Death–   As a direct and immediate result of the untimely passing of Brian Daoust, the Auburn Little League is going through a level of loss that can be described as both profound and profoundly deep. Brian has been of substantial service to our league over the course of the previous few years, and he has made contributions to it in both of these positions for a large number of seasons.

In addition, he has been of significant benefit to our league over the course of the past many years. You could frequently find Brian hanging out at Pappas, and it was he and Lisa who were the ones who proposed to Colin that he give catching a go. Even though a significant amount of time has elapsed since then, he went to the fall ball that was held at the school.

While his children were playing in the league, he devoted a large deal of his time and energy to working for the overall improvement of the league. This was done while his children were still a part of the league. The reason for this was because he wished nothing but the best for his children. Teaching, serving as an umpire, assisting with the grill (back in the day), and coaching some of the younger players on how to keep the grass fields in good shape before and after games were among the responsibilities.

These duties were carried out both inside the clubhouse and on the field outdoors. Even as the kids were older, he never stopped being thoughtful and empathetic toward them, and he never stopped looking out for what was in their best interest. Following each of the games, there was, in accordance with what could be considered to be a reasonable expectation, an abundant supply of chocolate milk available. During this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with the Daoust family as a unit as they go through this ordeal. We are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers at this time.

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