Brenda Locklear Obituary, Member, Of United Pentecostal Church of Red Springs, Has Died

Brenda Locklear Obituary, Death – As a consequence of the loss of our beloved sister Brenda Lee Locklear, each and every one of us is going through an intense period of mourning right now. Her passing has had a significant impact on each and every one of our lives. Our much loved sister Brenda drew her last breath and departed this life on Friday morning. At the UP Church, each and every one of us will fondly remember her as someone who occupied a very unique and important place in our thoughts and feelings. She will be greatly missed by all of us. During this difficult time, we ask that you pray for her family as well as the members of the church family that she attends.

We also ask that you pray for the church family that she attends. The public will be informed of the times of the services at a later date after the announcement has been made. On December 1st, 1949, Mrs. Brenda Sue Locklear was born in Robeson County, even though she currently lives in Lumber Bridge, North Carolina. Her birth took place in Robeson County. On May 2, 2022, when she was 72 years old, she passed away in the Duke University Medical Center, bringing her journey to a successful conclusion. Both of Mrs.

Brenda Sue Locklear’s parents, Bradie and Lester Mae Locklear, passed away before their daughter was born, so they were not able to witness their daughter’s birth. Her great-grandson Kayden Jones, her brother Leon Locklear, her brother-in-law Jerry Hunt, and her niece Pamela Locklear Chavis all left before she did. Her departure was preceded by all of them. Her parents were the first members of her family to leave this world, beating out all of her other relatives to the grave. Mrs. Locklear was an active participant in the floral ministry as well as the choir at the Freedom Baptist Church, where she was a devoted member of the congregation.

She was well-known for the devotion that she showed toward the church. She was employed at the Glenflora Nursing Home for a number of years previous to accepting her retirement there, and during that time, she formed a large number of friendships that have withstood the test of time. When she retired there, she did so, she was able to spend more time with her family. Mrs. Locklear was never seen in the company of anyone she did not know intimately, which is a testament to the fact that she exemplified the concept of a genuine friend. She had a tremendous amount of love for her family, which included her brothers and sisters, her parents, her husband, her children and grandkids,

her extended family, which included her aunts and uncles, her nieces and nephews, her classmates, and her friends. She held all of these people in her heart very dearly. She had the extraordinary capacity to look past the faults that individuals had and forgive them regardless of the circumstances that had led to the crime. Even though your interaction with Ms. Locklear was only a few seconds long, you should consider yourself extremely fortunate and honored to have had the opportunity to speak with her at all. Ms. Locklear served as the matriarch of her family, and she will be remembered for all eternity for the grace, beauty,

love, and compassion she showed to her children and grandchildren. Her legacy will live on forever. She is survived by her devoted husband, Joe Locklear; her children, twin daughters Beverly Jones Zabitosky and Stephanie Jones Smith (Harold Smith); son, Eddie Floyd Jones, Jr.; daughter, Nanette Jones; and a granddaughter whom she raised, Shamallory Jones; stepchildren, Judy Lewis, Joe Jr. Locklear, and Tiffany Lewis; grandchildren, Brian and Bradley (Kaitlyn) Hunt, Sidney (Morgan) Hunt and Kinsley Locklear, and Kiara (

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