Brenda Christen Obituary, Toronto Canada, Brenda Christen Has Passed Away

Brenda Christen Obituary, Death – Brenda Christen, who called Evansville home, passed away on Monday after a long battle with cancer. On September 22, Foster S. and Mary Maysel (Ketcham) Christenberry became parents for the first time. They chose to name their daughter Mary Maysel. Brenda was the oldest of her three sisters and two brothers, who were all also girls. She graduated from high school in 1960 as the recipient of the valedictorian prize, and shortly thereafter she enrolled in the nursing program at the Methodist Hospital of Nursing in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Later on, she enrolled in the nursing school at the Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing in Evansville, Indiana, and on August 12, 1964, she received her diploma from that particular institution. Later on the same day, she tied the knot with the man who would become the love of her life at the Central Methodist Church. After 39 years of marriage, Ralph passed away unexpectedly on December 5, 2003. The pair had been together for a total of 39 years.

Her whole time spent working as a nurse was spent in the field of either neurology or orthopedics as a specialist nurse. She was a registered nurse at Deaconess Hospital for 47 years, during which time she worked her way up to the post of head nurse and also served as a staff nurse, until she finally retired in 2011. Brenda was a true Christian who was well-known for her compassion, charity, hospitality, and ability to make other people laugh.

She also had a strong faith in Jesus Christ. She was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was watching out for her at all times and that he had showered her with extraordinary blessings all throughout her life. Her family includes her husband, William Yves Henri Christen; daughters Denise Goldman Eickbush and Shereen Tyrrell; granddaughter Alison K Eickbush (Rieko) Moyer; great-grandchildren, Bridget E., Payton B., and Henry R. Moyer; grandson, Benjamin (Kandace) Eickbush; great grandchild, Blakely J.; grandsons, Michael and Ryan Tyrrell.

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