Bobby Wood Obituary, Tennessee General Assembly mourn the death of Bobby Wood

Bobby Wood Obituary, Death – The news of Representative Bobby Wood’s passing has left all of us with a profound sense of loss. He was a fantastic model of a public servant who never put himself ahead of others and always put others’ needs before his own. He was always willing to stick by his convictions and fight for what he thought was right, despite the fact that he served with grace, compassion, and kindness. After completing his term in the Tennessee General Assembly, he volunteered his time to be on the board of the Tennessee Republican Party’s State Executive Committee.

During his time in office, he was known for his staunch conservatism and served as an excellent mentor to me during the time that I was serving as chairman of the board, just as I’m sure he did for others during their terms in office. The role that Mr. Bobby had in our lives will never be filled, but we can all strive to follow his example of how to stand up for what we believe in while still showing compassion and kindness to one another. During this difficult time, Jeanne and the rest of the Wood family have the benefit of our prayers.

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