Bob Hollis Obituary, Oceanic Founder And Industry Icon Has Passed Away - Death

Bob Hollis Obituary, Oceanic Founder And Industry Icon Has Passed Away – Death

Bob Hollis Death, Obituary – On January 4, 2023, in Salt Lake City, Utah, after living a life that was full of adventure and travel, Bob passed away quietly with his family encircling him at his side. His life had been full of both excitement and travel. Bob leaves behind a legacy not only as a trailblazer, businessman, and entrepreneur, but more significantly, he leaves behind a legacy of being a doting father and grandparent. Bob Hollis’s birthday is April 25th, and he was born in Orland, California, on that day in 1937. His parents’ names were Robert and Elinor. Bob made the most of every opportunity he had and accomplished more in his 85 years than the majority of people do in their whole lives.

Because he did not let fear prevent him from pursuing his interests and putting himself out there, he inspired others to do the same. He came up with his own answer when there was none that was immediately apparent. People will remember Bob as a pioneering person who had a huge impact on the sport of scuba diving as well as the field of underwater photography. This is something that many people will remember about Bob. Bob’s obsession with the ocean began in 1955, when he read an article in Popular Mechanics about studies conducted underwater. At that time, the article was published.

Following the successful completion of Bob’s first dive, he became enamored with the ocean and went on to become one of the early underwater photographers on the West Coast. In addition, he established the Underwater Photographic Society of Northern California in the same year, 1966. In addition to this, the California State Parks Department bestowed upon Bob the honor of appointing him to a seat on the Advisory Board of the Underwater Parks and Reserves. As part of his responsibilities in this position, he was asked to lend a hand in the investigation of the coastline and the selection of potential places that ought to be preserved in the future. La Jolla, Point Lobos, and Salt Point State Park are just a few of the locations that fall under this category.

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