Blair Weaver Obituary, Columbus, Ohio Resident Has Passed Away

Blair Weaver Obituary, Death – Blair Weaver a resident of Columbus, Ohio has passed away. Blair worked at UPS (Cargo & Freight) and went to Hilliard Darby High School. Blair Weaver was one of the people who quickly became one of my closest friends; she was one of my best friends and one of my closest pals. He touched the lives of so many people, including mine, that it is impossible for me to fully express the effect that his passing has had on me. Because of this, it is challenging for me to fully express how his departure has affected me.

I’ll never forget how outgoing, respectful, and affable he was to everyone he interacted with. He was just naturally social. No matter who you were or how you looked, he would always grin and give you his full attention while you were speaking. I consider it a huge privilege to have known him over this time in my life. Blair, I will never be able to get over the fact that we lost you to cancer at such a young age. Every time we see each other and part ways for the evening, we give each other hugs and say our goodbyes.

I’ll also miss your company at the shows and the chance to get to know your goals, the meaningful conversations we had each time we saw each other, and your unwavering love for me and everyone else in your life. You will be missed. Others are inspired by your tenacity and an unrelenting dedication to your work ethic. I appreciate the opportunity to confide in you and express my admiration, respect, and uplift for you. That we were able to speak in this way makes me happy. For the time being, all I can do is try to emulate you in all the good ways I can. I aspire to be everything you are. Love you a lot, friend.


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