Blair Connors Obituary, Nova Scotia CN, Orthodontic Sales Manager Has Died

Blair Connors Obituary, Death – I beg you to reassure me that this is just another one of your terrible jokes… This is a difficult loss… Despite the fact that he was one of my brother Iain’s closest friends, he spent a significant portion of his time at our house and with the rest of our family, which is why we were so close all the time.

In high school, he was the one who gave me the nickname “Bubbles.” He came up with a great deal of new vocabulary, much of which is included in the dictionary we use in our homes even today. My father used to be able to do a pretty good impression of him as well. We both graduated from X at the same time, and he even helped me sneak into Morrison hall on a couple of occasions to get free food.

He would just know exactly how to irritate me, and despite the fact that time has gotten away from us in more recent years, I want to honor this particular time in Blair’s history by providing some photographs that his friends might want to look back on in order to remember him.

However, we were always up for having fun and being open to new experiences, so we didn’t let either of those things stop us from being prepared for the unexpected. He did tell me in the past that I was like a sister he never had, but it’s possible that he was drunk when he said that. Blair Connors passed away far too soon. Rest in peace.



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