Betty Willie Obituary, North Fort Myers Church of the Nazarene mourns Betty Willie’s Death

Betty Willie Obituary, Death – We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Betty Jean Willie, our much loved sister in the Lord, who passed away this morning. Our hearts are filled with sadness at the news of her demise. We are deeply sorry for any trouble or inconvenient this may cause you, and we extend our deepest condolences to you at this difficult time.

We are relieved that her battle is over, and we are overjoyed that she will soon have the chance to see her Savior in person for the very first time. This is a momentous occasion for all of us. We are relieved that her ordeal is over, and we are overjoyed that she will soon be reunited with her Savior.

Her last request was that the memorial service not go ahead as planned; she wanted it to be canceled before she passed away. When you pray for her, don’t forget to think of the people who were there with her, especially her family and the other people in her life who loved her. They will all be in your thoughts and prayers.

I am grateful. If I close my eyes and visualize her going about her day in the brightly lit metropolis, I can almost hear her giggling to herself as she makes her way down the pavements. I can about make out what her face looks like. It is impossible to say no to her charming grin because it is so sweetly childlike and adorable. We are going to miss her terribly, but we are delighted for her because she will finally get the chance to experience life. Although we will miss her terribly, we are overjoyed for her. We are overjoyed for her and even though we shall miss her very much, we are pleased for her.

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