Bert Borgmann Obituary, Colorado US CHSAA ASS commissioner has Died

Bert Borgmann Obituary – On Monday, Bert Borgmann, a seasoned CHSAA assistant commissioner and Colorado prep sports icon died after surgery complications. 67. Borgmann managed basketball, baseball, and other sports for the association from 1988 until 2021. Student leadership, music, football, gymnastics, softball, soccer, and other sports were his CHSAA responsibilities.

He founded the Hall of Fame. Broomfield and Colorado State alumnus Borgmann attended high school events for almost three decades. He started at CHSAA as business relationships and media director. Former commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green called Borgmann a “foundational pillar” in modernizing the association. “Borgmann established the whole media platform to keep the media connected to CHSAA and spotlight kids and teams,” said Blanford-Green, who worked with Borgmann for over 20 years.

He also started the business sponsorship program, which allowed us to offer high-end options like state championship locations while keeping school costs low. That model became national. “No CHSAA commissioner can match his passion and loyalty to the association and membership.” Borgmann focused on the Class 5A state baseball tournament, which he directed for 25 years.

He helped move the Colorado high school football championships to Broncos Stadium. He was “the history of Colorado high school athletics,” according to former CHSAA digital media director Ryan Casey. Casey said he linked history and the present. He understood historical justifications and the rewards of trying new things. He knew high school sports affected students and neighborhoods.

He frequented rural schools. The CHSAA headquarters wanted members to know the state extended outside the urban area. Blanford-Green reported that CHSAA’s longest-serving official, Borgmann, advocated for “more gender and racial diversity and representation” early on and often. “He really directed the conversation that finally led to CHSAA genuinely living the walk,” Blanford-Green said of equity and inclusiveness and representing our state.

Michael Krueger, the CHSAA commissioner, called Borgmann a “true champion for high school sports and activities”. Cherry Creek Athletic Director Jason Wilkins concurred. Wilkins claims that his administration had the largest impact on Colorado high school sports. “He could always help you change as he did. He was well-liked and knowledgeable about all sports.

He clearly explained how his ideas will assist children. Borgmann thought baseball’s single-elimination state tournament needed to be changed. In the early 2000s, Borgmann led the drive to modify it to a double-elimination competition, which has been widely praised. “Everyone enjoyed it going to a two-weekend event,” said Jeffco Public Schools sports information director Dennis Pleuss, Borgmann’s longtime colleague.

He improved CHSAA creatively as a historian. He was most influenced by the double-elimination state tournament. That showed his fearlessness to attempt new things. Borgmann’s honesty helped him unite school divisions and viewpoints through athletics. Coaches, school administrators, and the media knew he always answered the phone. Blanford-Green said he would “call around high schools for basketball scores” at one in the morning.

Rangeview basketball coach Shawn Palmer said, “I can’t recall ever contacting him and him not picking up the phone. “I knew he was always going to listen to what I had to say, and that he was going to keep the coaches and kids front and center as he balanced that (with CHSAA’s administrative and financial commitments) “The author stated. Borgmann is the second prominent CHSAA official to die. Tom Robinson, the first Black CHSAA executive, and a prep sports pioneer died at 76 in April 2022 from multiple ailments, including colon cancer.

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