Bernard Loveman Obituary, The Past President Of Woodford Bowling Club Has Died

Bernard Loveman Obituary, Death – Bernard Loveman died away earlier today, and we would like to take this opportunity to offer our most sincere condolences to his family and friends. We ask that you please accept our sincere sympathies. This news is especially disheartening to hear in light of the fact that we will soon be celebrating our 100th anniversary, which is coming up very soon. In 1977, Bernard joined the Club, and during his time there, he was elected president of both the Woodford Bowling Club and Essex County, despite the fact that he was a member of both organizations at the same time.

During his time there, Bernard also served as president of the Essex County Bowling Association. In addition to that, the Woodford Bowling Club acknowledged him as a member in good standing throughout a significant portion of the club’s history. In the end, Bernard was the one who was ultimately responsible for repairing the windows in our clubhouse and putting the center stand in the men’s changing room. Bernard also installed the center stand in the men’s changing room. In the end, Bernard was the one who was responsible for getting the windows replaced.

This was Bernard’s other responsibility. In addition to that, he was a substantial contributor to the club in terms of the quantity of labor he did. RIP Bernard. Doreen and I have reconciled our differences, and we are currently living in the same house together as before. Bernard Loveman RIP. Undoubtedly, a wonderful company for which to be employed.


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