Bart Wagar Obituary, Bart Wagar Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Bart Wagar Obituary, Death – Bart Wagar has passed away unexpectedly. On October 3, he was born in Austell, GA, to Mark and Kelly Garrett Wagar. Shortly after birth, Bart was christened and later baptized. He researched his beliefs by reading the Bible every day. Bart demonstrated his gratitude for forgiveness and humility. His love for family and friends was only surpassed by his love for the Lord. Bart was clearly concerned about people and his family from a young age. He’d never met a complete stranger before. When you met Bart, you recognized you’d found a friend who was dependable, sympathetic, and kind.

Bart spent his entire life serving everyone he encountered. His desire to assist his friends and family remained constant in his mind. He loved “Movie Time” with his family and had an intuitive ability to choose the best movies to watch. At the dinner table, Bart has a new hobby: mashed potatoes! Nobody ever got seconds from him, and his plate was never empty. His love of Mashed Potatoes could have influenced his love of Taco Salad. We’ll never forget his obsession with Robin’s stir fry and biscuits and gravy. Nobody knows how he managed to eat so much!

All of the Wagers loved animals, but Bart went above and beyond in every way. A few years ago, he became enamored with Koi fish. Bart, who was ambitious and energetic, dug a hole in the backyard and constructed a Koi Pond. This occasion inspired my interest in gardening. The Koi and the pond are still there! Cayden and Max, two Great Danes owned by Bart. “Max is my best friend,” he’d tell you. Bart enjoys going tubing and jet skiing on the lake with his Great Danes. He spent the most of his free time fishing, riding his motorcycle, or exercising. Bart had a fantastic time visiting family in Texas. He adored Papa Garrett and looked forward to trips to Glamma’s farm and rides on Papa Joe’s tractor.

In addition to his family and friends, Bart was obsessed with automobiles, motorcycles, and motorcross. Yes, he craved speed, thrills, and adventure, and he exuded bravery! Second place was not an option for Bart! Bart was preceded in death by his uncle, David Wagar, and grandparents, Albert and Barbara Wagar. His mother, Kelly Wagar; father, Mark Wagar, and Bonus Mother Jennifer; brother, Garrett Wagar; sister, Madelyn Wagar; grandmother, Martha Maurer, and Bonus Grandfather Joe Butler; grandfather, David Garrett; aunt, Toby Farquhar and husband Scott Farquhar; two uncles, Stephen Wagar and Eric Wagar; and cousins, Jacob Sills, Zachary Sills, and wife Audrey, Caleb Sills, and Jacob Sills

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