Barb Dedi Obituary, Saskatchewan CN Has sadly passed away

Barb Dedi Obituary – Funeral services and a memorial service honoring the life of our mother, Barb Dedi, will be held at St. Basil’s Ukrainian Catholic Church on Friday, January 13, at one o’clock in the afternoon. These services will be held on the occasion of our mother’s passing. In her memory, the services will be placed later today. These memorial ceremonies will be held in the following locations to commemorate the life of our mother, who passed away recently.

Both the burial and memorial services will be held in her honor in order to pay respect to her life and legacy. Both of these events are going to be held in her honor. After the conclusion of the event, individuals who were present will receive an invitation to the fellowship hall to enjoy some treats and tea following the conclusion of the ceremony.

This will take place immediately after the event has concluded. Those folks who are not able to attend the event in person since it is being hosted in Regina will have the option to view it via live streaming which is going to be made accessible to them. This will be made available to them on the website. If you are in the mood to dress in anything sparkly or purple, you are free to do so whenever you like. You have the ability to go in whatever direction you like.

The family requests that in lieu of flowers, those who wish to do so will think about making a donation to the Palliative Care Unit through the Hospitals of Regina Foundation or to Spring Free From Racism in order to carry on mom’s ultimate passion project, which is Family Day, which celebrates diversity and multiculturalism. The family thanks you in advance for your consideration of this request.

The family expresses their gratitude to you in advance for taking into account the possibility of making such a donation. The family would like to thank you in advance for giving some consideration to this request and expressing their appreciation. The family would want to express their gratitude in advance and thank you for giving this request some consideration and showing thanks on their behalf.

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