Austin Dalantinow Obituary, man dies following motorcycle accident in Anderson County

Austin Dalantinow Obituary, Death – An accident that took place on Monday evening in Anderson County and involved a motorcycle claimed the life of a man from the Upstate, according to the information that was provided by Coroner Greg Shore of the Anderson County Coroner’s Office. The accident took place in Anderson County. The incident occurred in Anderson County, South Carolina. According to Shore, the incident occurred around six o’clock in the evening on East Greer Street in Honea Path, close to where it connects with Black Street.

More specifically, the intersection of East Greer Street and Black Street. Shore believes that he saw what seemed to be the rider of the motorcycle setting his machine down in an effort to avoid colliding with another car. The driver of the other vehicle was able to force him underneath his own vehicle, which finally resulted in the vehicle running over him as a direct consequence of this, which was a direct consequence of this.

According to Shore, he was transported to AnMed in Anderson, where he reportedly passed away from the effects of his injuries at around 6:53 p.m. and was pronounced dead at the facility. He was transported there in an ambulance when he finally arrived. Austin Andrew Dalantinow, a resident of Honea Path who was 36 years old, has been identified as the person who passed away as a result of the injuries they sustained.

According to Shore, Dalantinow was the victim of blunt force trauma, which ultimately resulted in him succumbing to a variety of severe injuries that ultimately led to his death. In the end, he succumbed to these injuries and died as a result. Both the Anderson County Office of the Coroner and the Honea Path Police Department are currently conducting their own parts of the inquiry, each of which is accountable for its own unique facets of the investigation.

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