Anne Maxon Obituary, Anne Maxon Has Passed Away

Anne Maxon Obituary, Death – We are writing to inform everyone that our good friend Anne Maxon has passed away. It is with a heavy heart that we do so. Since John became passionate about racing more than twenty years ago, Anne and her ex-partner, Bud Hall, have been there for him to provide a hand and express their support. Each and every single Saturday that he competed, he ran. In May of the previous year, we were unable to save Bud. His faithful companion Anne was always by his side.

They were a perfect complement to one another. After John’s first mother passed away, Anne became his surrogate mother. Outside of the racetrack, she was a treasured friend in addition to being known as the “mother hen” of the trailer. Anne was a very significant source of motivation in everything that she undertook. She was the Town Clerk of Berlin, as well as the organizer of their Fourth of July parade, and she accomplished all of these things quietly and without seeking acclaim.

She will be deeply missed, and there is no one who can ever take her place. The upcoming season of racing is going to be challenging without Anne and Bud. But despite everything, we are going to keep going because we are confident that this is what they would want. Anne, may you rest in peace. We are aware that Bud is eagerly awaiting your arrival with loving arms wide open.

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