Anggy Diaz Obituary, 21-year-old wife, Anggy Diaz murdered by husband

Anggy Diaz Obituary, Death – A man calls the Waller County Sheriff’s Office in the state of Texas on the 11th of January to inform them that a person has recently passed away. He gives the cause of death as “recently passed away.” When the police arrived at the scene, they found a woman dead inside a smaller home that was located behind the main residence on the property. The location of this home was behind the main residence. The woman’s head had been severed from the rest of her body, and her torso had been horribly mangled, according to the deputies who investigated the crime scene.

It was found out that the victim’s husband, Jared Dicus, who is 21 years old and was discovered to be a man at the scene, is the one who committed the crime. At the scene, it was determined that he was a guy. His complete confession included a statement that he was responsible for the death of his wife, Anggy Diaz, who was only 21 years old at the time of her passing.

When they arrived at their house, his parents discovered her body, and they did not waste any time in contacting the authorities, whether it be the police or any other organization that was relevant. The gruesome murder was carried out using a kitchen knife, and all of her body parts, in addition to the weapon, were located and used as evidence. It was determined that a kitchen knife was used to commit the murder.

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