Andy Horner Obituary, Premier Designs, Inc.’s founder, Dallas, Texas, has passed away.

Andy Horner Obituary, Death – Andy Horner, who was the company’s founder, passed suddenly unexpectedly this morning. On the 21st of January, 2023, he passed away while surrounded by his family. Andy Horner’s family and friends, who are utterly heartbroken by the news of his departure, broke the word to the world on Sunday that he had passed away. The precise factors that led to his passing are still a mystery at this point in time. Andy Horner was one of a kind, truly exceptional.

He devoted his entire life to loving and serving the Lord, and he demonstrated his love for others on a daily basis by the way he participated in their lives and the things they did. individuals from whom he stood to benefit absolutely nothing in any manner, shape, or form. people in my family that are similar to me, such as my parents and my sister, as well as my children. Donated millions of dollars without any effort to ministries that are located in different parts of the world. To be able to call him a friend and to have known him was a privilege for many people, including me.

Andy Horner, who was born in Belfast, Ireland, had a childhood that was lacking in material possessions but was abundant in spiritual commitment and a strong work ethic, both of which were models for him provided by his mother. While Andy Horner did not have a lot of material possessions, he did have a lot of spiritual commitment and a strong work ethic. 1931 was the year when he moved his family to Woodstock, which is found in the country of Canada. When they were both in elementary school, he got the opportunity to meet Joan for the first time, and by the time they were both in high school, they were already close friends.

After he had returned from World War II in August of 1945, they did not begin dating one another until March of 1946, and they did not get married until March of that same year. Following an additional period of four years, Joan and Andy arrived in Dallas at their destination. Andy’s career has spanned more than half a century, and he has had managerial positions with a wide range of companies, some of which include Johnson Wax, Xerox Corporation, and Home Interiors and Gifts, amongst others.

Andy currently works as a manager at Home Interiors and Gifts. Joan Horner was an employee at Home Interiors and Gifts, where she worked alongside Andy. Her primary duty there was to coordinate the activities of the Home Interiors sales force’s many regional groups. During the many years that Joan worked with Mary Crowley, the founder of that company, she was her assistant and traveled frequently with her. During those years, Joan also worked alongside Mary Crowley as a co-worker.

Joan has been a key part of Premier’s efforts to oversee the design of the jewelry product range as well as the selection of individual pieces in her role as Executive Vice President of the company. These efforts have been carried out under Joan’s direction. She is a prolific writer and speaker on the subject of inspiration, and she also inspires those around her. The family of Andy Horner will publish his obituary when it is ready.

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