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There are people in this world who, simply by existing, have the potential to drastically alter the lives of anyone and everyone with whom they come into contact. They give off a sense of the mystical that defies rational explanation. Andrea Messimer Henley was a remarkable individual, and she was one of those people. Andrea was an amazing person who never failed to be there for her loved ones, friends, and family when they needed her support and encouragement. An entrepreneur.

Every room she walked into was filled with the incendiary passion, contagious sense of humor, limitless vitality, stunning beauty, and never-ending love that she exuded. Andrea was the kind of kid who, in order to completely circumvent the customary new student hazing procedure, she was the one who introduced you to everyone at the table and invited you to sit at her table.

Andrea M. Henley Obituary

Not only did Andrea have a vast understanding of the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, but she was also a well-known figure in her area. She rose to prominence as a prominent figure in the field of out-of-home advertising and went on to work for a variety of companies, including Billups, Wilkins, LED Truck Media, Circle Graphics, Outfront, Clear Channel Outdoor, and Adams Outdoor.

Eventually achieving the status of an industry icon in the process of her career progression. Because it will be difficult to find anyone in the industry who has not been influenced in some way by this titan of the industry, businesswoman, mother, and friend, Andrea Henley’s passing is something that the whole community mourns together as a community.

Andrea M. Henley Death

The joy that Andrea found in her life was largely attributable to the presence of her daughter Emma. Emma is a stunning young lady who currently studies at the University of Alabama, where she is enrolled in the sophomore class. She is gifted, talented, and generous all at the same time. If Andrea could have known that Emma had successfully completed her college without accumulating any student loan debt and was making a solid start in her bright and promising career, she would have been happier than she could have imagined. Please give careful consideration to making a donation so that you can assist in making Andrea’s aspirations and wishes come true for her daughter.

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