Ana Marott Obituary, Dogs ate dead woman’s body after neighbor complained of bad smell

Ana Marott Obituary, Death – The dead body of a woman was found in her own home after neighbors complained about a “bad smell.” The body had been mostly consumed by the dogs. A residence in the Airport neighborhood of Santa Rosa, Argentina city of Santa Rosa was the source of complaints from nearby residents about a “nauseous smell” that had pervaded the area for at least a week before the police were called to investigate.

They entered the house on December 31 and found the body of Ana Inés de Marotte, who had been largely consumed by her five dogs. The incident occurred on that day. According to the website Infopico, the 67-year-old was reported “missing” during the second week of December; however, he was discovered in the Santa Rosa Sanatorium on the same day that he was discharged from the facility. Despite this, Marotte went home once she was released from the hospital, and she was discovered dead there a week later, along with her dogs, who had become trapped inside the house.

According to the commissioner of the Second Section of Santa Rosa, Fernando Martn Cortez, the police were called to the house because of the sickening scent that was present in the location. As soon as they entered the room, they discovered Marotte lying on the floor, lifeless.

Cortez is reported to have stated to the local press that the woman had gone to the Santa Rosa Sanatorium to address a medical ailment and that she herself had been admitted to the facility despite not having any relatives living in the city. Prosecutor Oscar Alfredo Cazenave stated unequivocally that the woman had suffered a cardiac collapse prior to her death and that the dogs had consumed a portion of her face as well as her ears after she had passed away.

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