Amber Cannon Obituary, Calgary CN Has passed away peacefully

Amber Cannon Obituary – The passing of Amber Cannon occurred in the month of April. This is the most challenging time for us to share the news with each and every one of you, and doing so breaks our hearts. She was born in November, and she spent her entire life in the Leduc area the communities are located in the surrounding region of Alberta, Canada.

Her birthday is in November, and she was born in that month. She is survived by her husband and soulmate, Brendan, her sons Carson and Colby, both of whom she adored deeply, her stepdaughter Adeen, also of whom she adored deeply, her father and stepmother, Dean and Barbara Massey, her grandparents in British Columbia, and a large number of other aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. She will be greatly missed by all of these people.

When she entered this world, her great-grandmother Maxine Iwanicka, who had previously been deceased, was already gone. She is survived by the man who was her sweetheart and husband, Brendan, as well as her two boys, Carson and Colby, as well as her three grandchildren. She cherished her sons profoundly. A few of the many beautiful qualities that Amber possessed were that she was generous with her kindness and that she had a creative mind.

In addition to that, she had a significant interest in yoga, which prompted her to think about working in the field of yoga education as a possible option for her future career. Because she was able to spend time with her children and her husband, Brendan, while hiking and climbing mountains, she found that the experience brought her a great deal of happiness.

Amber had a deep love for all kinds of animals, and she spent the final 15 years of her life working at an animal hospital in Leduc. She was very dedicated to her job there. Her life was cut short much too soon, and those who knew and loved her will feel a deep sense of loss because of this. Her life was snuffed out much too soon.

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