Ali Best Obituary, Keeping Abreast UK Mourns Ali Best Death

Ali Best Obituary, Death – The news that Ali Best will no longer be joining us has brought on an overwhelming feeling of loss for all of us. Ali was an indispensable member of the Keeping Abreast team since he had been involved in the project from the very beginning in the spirit of lending a helping hand to those around him.

She had a significant role in the evolution of Keeping Abreast, from its early days in Norwich as a small, ad hoc support group to its current form as Keeping Abreast, which is the name under which it is known today.

We hold Ali’s pledge in the highest regard since she has stated that she will continue to put in a lot of effort to assist as many women and their families as she can who are dealing with the possibility of breast reconstruction as a direct result of breast cancer.

She went on to become a Trustee in the year 2009 and continued serving in this capacity until the year 2016. During this time, she was an active member who engaged in a number of Keeping Abreast activities while being upbeat and positive throughout the entire process.

Even after she had stepped down from her role as a Trustee for the charity, Ali maintained her commitment to helping the organization. She wanted to express her support for the friends she’d made through Keeping Abreast, so she attended to the last “More Than Just Fashion” shows in October.

We felt that you would find the following words from the people who started Keeping Abreast to be interesting, therefore we are sharing them with you. Our hearts are broken to have lost such a wonderful friend, and we want her husband and children to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

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