Alexis Renze Obituary, Holstein, Iowa, Alexis Renze Has Died Unexpectedly

Alexis Renze Obituary, Death – Alexis Renze of Holstein, Iowa has passed away unexpectedly. Erin Carte and Jeremiah Renze became parents for the first time on May 16th, in the city of Ripley, to their daughter Alexis. This was the couple’s first child. Alexis’s interests were the visual arts, competitive sports (most notably soccer and swimming), and spending quality time with her family and their dog Coco. The visual arts were Alexis’s primary passion. In spite of the fact that she had epilepsy throughout her life, she was still able to achieve a lot of success in spite of the condition.

Alexis was almost finished with her first year at Concord University, the same educational establishment that will award her an honorary degree in forensic accounting once she has completed her studies there and fulfilled the requirements for the degree once she has completed her studies there and earned the right to receive the degree. She graduated from Ripley High School in 2018 and was currently enrolled at the educational facility where she had earned her diploma.

Alexis’s sister, Avery Renze, who lives in Evans; her mother, Erin Carte, who lives in Evans, and her father, Jeremiah Renze, who lives in Covington, Virginia; her paternal grandparents, Gary and Sandy Renze, who live in Ripley; her paternal grandmother, Lisa Gilkerson, who lives in Covington, Virginia; her aunt Jayme Carte, who lives in Ravenswood; her aunt Kelly Carte, who lives in Louisville, Alexis is survived by a very large number of cousins, some of whom include Steven and Jasmine Carte, Caleb and Cason Taylor, Craig and Corey Waybright, Katheren Williams, and Brianna Kerns.

Also surviving Alexis is a large extended family. Taylor’s other two sons, Caleb and Cason, are also cousins. Everyone will grieve her passing in their own unique ways. Peg Sinclair, Alexis’ maternal great-grandmother, as well as Linda and Lowell Carte of Cottageville, Alexis’ maternal great-grandparents, all passed away before Alexis was born. Peg was also the name of her great-grandmother on her father’s side. In the future, when many people think about Alexis, they will think of those wonderful sensations.

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