Alexis Garth Obituary, Alabama woman, 26, shot dead on New Year’s Day

Alexis Garth Obituary, Death – Alexis Garth, a 26-year-old Alabama woman, was killed on New Year’s Day in the 22000 block of Oakdale Ridge Lane in Athens. According to police, she was killed in a domestic violence shooting by her boyfriend, Ky’ruan Yarbrough. On January 1, 2022, Alexis Garth posted a photo of herself in front of one of her greatest accomplishments with the caption “WE BEAT THE ODDS” #HAPPYNEWYEAR & #NEWHOME.

January 1st, 2023- Alexis was shot numerous times and murdered in the driveway of her dream house exactly one year later by the same man shown with her below, 20-year-old Ky’raun Yarbough. Despite the fact that her killer was physically beating her, Alexis constantly wanted to flee, but Yarbrough made it impossible for her every time she sought to leave the toxic relationship. Finally, she had a plan in place to leave the toxic relationship permanently in a couple of weeks.

According to family members, the young mother was relieved to move into a larger home with her daughters, unaware that it would also be the location of her death. Only seconds before her murder, Alexis called her sister to come retrieve her daughter. During the phone call, Alexis was crying and urging Yarbough to keep the gun away from her. (implying she was in danger) Alexis Mother then heard Yarbough say something in the background of that call “I’m going to kill her first, then you, and then myself.

Alexis’ mother dialed 911 and hurried to her daughter’s house, fearing for her daughter and grand daughters’ safety. Officers were present when she arrived, and she spotted Alexis and Yarbough laying on the driveway. Mom noticed Alexis’ leg twitch and assumed they were both locked up, like most couples are when they quarrel at home. After hearing cops seek a medic bag, Alexis’ mother feared she was in grave danger. Alexis was lying in the driveway, blood dripping down the pavement like water when you wash a car. Officers informed Alexis’ mother that when they arrived, they saw Yarbrough shoot her daughter again (after she was already shot previously to their coming up) He then laid on the ground next to Alexis’s riddled body, pushing the pistol over & shouted “I surrender”.

Alexis was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. She was shot numerous times in the body. She had three shots to her tummy and one to each side of her hips. Her side cuts were discovered while she was carrying her daughter. She moved her weight one way to protect her daughter and another to avoid getting shot on the opposite side. When Alexis passed out from her injuries, her daughter was able to hide beneath a vehicle and was found safe by cops. Alexis was a family-oriented woman who adored her two kids, who are now three and eight months old and must cope without her. Ky’raun Yarbrough was arrested and charged with Alexis’s murder. He was charged with first and second degree assault in 2019 at the age of 16 after shooting numerous youngsters and was released.

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