Alexa Reyes Obituary, 5 People Killed In Desert Crash Identified

Alexa Reyes Obituary, Death – The Mecca Coroner’s Bureau was able to identify all five people who were killed over the course of the weekend as a result of a collision between the vehicle in which they were traveling and a semi-truck. Among the deceased were two children. The carsh occurred over the course of the weekend. There were a total of five people who passed away, including two adults and three children.

On Saturday, around 5:15 p.m., it was reported that a collision occurred on 81st Avenue, which is situated close to the point where the street intersects with State Route 86. While on 81st Avenue heading eastbound, a Volkswagen Jetta that appeared to be carrying five individuals was seen approaching the intersection. The Volkswagen Jetta was getting closer and closer to the crossroads. The Volkswagen Jetta was proceeding forward in the direction of travel toward the corner when it was observed.

The other vehicle and a semi-truck were involved in a collision on State Route 86 in California. The California Highway Patrol reports that the semi-truck was traveling in the same direction as the other vehicle. The driver of the Volkswagen allegedly entered the intersection without yielding to oncoming traffic, which caused the front of the semi-truck to collide with the left side of the Volkswagen, as reported by officers with the California Highway Patrol. The actions of the driver were what ultimately led to the occurrence of this incident.

Alexa Xiomara A woman from Thermal named Felix-Reyes, who was 26 years old and was the driver of the Volkswagen, Hernan Montes-Hernandez, who was 23 years old and was from Palm Springs, Victor Manuel Marmulejo-Caurenta, who was 24 years old and was from Coachella, and two children from Thermal named Matteo Emmanuel Robledo-Felix, who was 7, and Ariadne Isabella Robledo-Felix, who was also from Thermal, were all found dead


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