Albert Page Obituary, 62, Albert Page of Evansville Has Passed Away

Albert Page Obituary, Death – The Vanderburgh County Coroners Office and the Evansville Police Department are both investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Albert Leroy Page, a 62-year-old Evansville man. This inquiry is also being assisted by the Evansville Police Department. Albert Page died at the scene of the crash in Evansville, near the intersection of Louisiana and Mary streets, according to officials. According to officials, the crash occurred in Evansville. It is unknown when an autopsy will be performed, however, Albert Page is believed to have died at the scene of the collision in which he was involved.

According to the Evansville Police Department, officers from the Evansville Police Department were called to the intersection of Louisiana Street and Mary Street at approximately 8:50 a.m. on January 17 in reference to an EVSC school bus that had collided with a male riding a bicycle (EPD). The event took held in downtown New Orleans at the crossroads of Louisiana and Mary Streets. The incident was revealed to have occurred in Evansville around the intersection of Louisiana Street and Mary Street.

Officers arrived and found the man lying in the street next to the school bus, according to the Easton Police Department (EPD), and they later determined that the victim had died at the scene. The police were gracious enough to provide this information to the public when they made their finding. To conduct an investigation into the accident, Edmonton Police Department (EPD) investigators were dispatched to the scene, where they were joined by members of the EPD Crime Scene Unit and an EPD Accident Reconstructionist. All of these people had to be present in order for the inquiry to be completed. In addition, the Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office was contacted to see if they could send someone to the scene to investigate what had occurred.

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