Agnes Ducharme Obituary, Agnes Ducharme of Calgary, Alberta Has Died.

Agnes Ducharme Obituary, Death – Agnes Madeline Ducharme (née Catagas). Beginning on September 25, 1938, and continuing all the way through January 10, 2023, these are the dates that are discussed in this article. Agnes Ducharme, the devoted wife of the late Alain Ducharme, passed away in Calgary, Alberta at the age of 84 in a peaceful and uncomplicated manner. The Canadian province of Alberta was Agnes Ducharme’s place of residence throughout her life. The affectionate memories of Agnes’s children for their mother will last a lifetime: Daniel Ducharme, Nick (Cara) Ducharme, Sarah Bishop (Dave), Justine Noel, Blue Herrera, Raven Ducharme, Jayden Ducharme, Samantha Ducharme, and Alainna Ducharme are her grandkids, while her great-grandchildren are Jade Meika, Alain, and J. Ducharme are her great-grandchildren.

Her other brothers and sisters, Wilfred, Robert (Selena), and Gordon, as well as her sister Judy (Dennis), will never forget their sister Agnes, and they will always treasure the time they spent with her. Agnes will also never be forgotten by her other siblings (Marilyn). Her husband Alain, her son Mitchell, her parents Jane and Joe Catagas, her sisters Mary Jane, Sheila, Doris, and Florence, and her brothers Dennis, Andrew, Clements, and Percy all before her death. Agnes was the only surviving member of her family. Agnes did not survive long enough to see any of them in their adult lives. When she passed away, Agnes was the last member of her immediate family that was still alive.

Both of her parents had the surname Catagas, although they went by the names Jane and Joe. The Memorial Service will be placed on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. in the Brockie Donovan Chapel, which is located at 332, 8th Street. The date and time of the service have not yet been determined. There has been no decision made regarding the timing or date of the memorial service. Shelley Wray, who is presiding over the event as the celebrant, will also act as the person in charge of the proceedings.

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