Adrian Daniels Obituary, 14-year-old Teens Killed in Triple Shooting in Fort Worth

Adrian Daniels Obituary, Death – Shannon Johnson stood outside her daughter’s home in west Fort Worth, holding photos of her grandson, 14-year-old Adrian Daniels. She sobbed as she talked about his prizes and accomplishments. “He was an athletic, clever, and on the honor list,” Johnson explained. “He was a good young man.” On Wednesday night, her grandson was killed in a triple shooting in the 700 block of Panay Way Drive in west Fort Worth. According to Fort Worth police, two people died and one was injured. According to authorities, Daniels died at the scene, a 17-year-old died later at the hospital, and another 17-year-old was treated for injuries at the hospital.

The two more victims have yet to be identified, and police are still hunting for a culprit. Daniels, the oldest of four siblings, was a freshman at Brewer High School. Johnson stated that her grandson was visiting the home on Panay Way Drive for a ride when the suspect(s) arrived and began firing. “This could happen to anyone, and it’s heartbreaking,” Johnson added. “I don’t want people to remember Adrian Daniels and say, ‘Another young Black man was shot, must be gangs and drugs,’ because it wasn’t.”

The motivation has not been revealed by the police. Several neighbors told WFAA that there had been several shootings at the Panay Way Drive home before to Wednesday’s shooting, but Fort Worth police claimed they were unaware of any other calls at the address.
One unnamed neighbor stated he no longer feels safe in the neighborhood and is considering moving to keep his children safe.
So far this year, there have been five homicides in Fort Worth. “My hope is that he does not become a statistic,” Johnson added. “Everyone knows he was a noble, smart, loving, kind, athletic youngster who got caught up in today’s world of bullets without considering or knowing that there is no future after them.”


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