Adolfo Cruz Obituary, Adolfo Cruz Has Sadly Passed Away

Adolfo Cruz Obituary, Death– The identify of a man who had gone away on January 10 from the injuries he had after being struck by a vehicle on a wet morning was located by the Fresno County Coroner’s Office on Tuesday. The man had been struck by a vehicle on the morning of January 10.

On the morning of the 10th, the man had been injured when he was hit by a vehicle. The occurrence was the direct cause of his death in the end. The victim had sustained an excessive number of injuries, making it impossible for them to live; as a consequence, they had passed away.

Near about 5:45 in the morning, Fresno resident Roy Paniagua, 68, was killed when he was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Ashlan and Marks avenues. Paniagua was struck by the vehicle and died at the scene. Paniagua was a Fresno native at the time the events in this story took place.

His condition was exceedingly critical and he was in imminent danger of passing away when he was taken to the hospital. As stated by the investigators who looked into the incident, according to the findings of their investigation, Paniagua is suspected of having stepped out in front of a car that was traveling on Ashlan in an easterly direction just as the driver’s signal turned green.

This is the accusation made by the investigators who looked into the incident. When they investigated into the matter, the investigators who were looking into the occurrence found out this information. The vehicle’s driver attempted everything in his power to avoid colliding with Paniagua; however, despite his best attempts, he was unable to do so, and an accident took place as a result

. Paniagua was not clearly visible to the driver of the vehicle until the very last possible second, when it was already too late. Paniagua was transported to the Community Regional Medical Center in a timely manner; nevertheless, he did not survive the entirety of his stay there.

He passed away. It was established upon arrival that he had passed away prior to the incident. Upon arrival, it was determined that he had already departed dead prior to the occurrence of the incident. For additional information and clarity, kindly refer to the following website:

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