Adam Bradshaw Obituary, KFDX News Director Has Died

Adam Bradshaw Obituary, Death – Today, our entire KFDX family is in a state of sadness when we were informed of Adam Bradshaw’s passing. Adam worked as the News Director for our station. I was one of the first hires that he made when he took over as News Director of our news department in April of 2018. If I wasn’t the first hire overall, I was certainly one of the first. He was a good-natured man who never grew tired of being polite to me and who never lost faith in my ability to succeed.

It gives me the feeling that he got a great lot of personal fulfillment from supporting people in launching new careers and seeing them achieve greater degrees of success as a result of their efforts. Because it seemed almost too good to be true, I decided to go with this particular photograph of him. When there was bad weather during a NASCAR race, we would discuss where the “bug” (the scroll and map on your screen) needed to be moved to. This would happen whenever there was a caution flag displayed. Despite the fact that he frequently uttered the phrase “hey, I don’t want to make the NASCAR fans mad,” I was well aware of the fact that he was a huge NASCAR fan.

Because of the love that we had for him, we will all experience a sense of loss. Mary was an incredible boss, and she was the one who saw something in a boy from Norman, Oklahoma, that I did not see in myself at the time. Mary saw something in the boy that I did not see in myself. After he had hired me as a reporter, he continued to have faith in me and gave possibilities for me to become an anchor for the weekend and then for the morning news.

Eventually, I became the morning news anchor. I was one of his first hires at KFDX after he took over as general manager there after he had previously worked somewhere else. I’m going to miss our frequent chats about different sports and subjects related to life in general. I was fortunate enough to have a great first boss when I started out in this field, and I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life for everything that he did for me. Please make an effort, Adam, to get some rest.

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