Abees Varghese Obituary,Technspark Mourn Abees Varghese’s Death

Abees Varghese Obituary, Death– Abees Varghese, who had only turned 38 years old when he went away, has left all of us with his most heartfelt condolences as we inform you all of his untimely passing away on the 21st of December, 2022. Please accept our sincere condolences as we inform you all of his passing.

As we inform you of this unfortunate event, we ask that you accept our sympathies. We are deeply sorry to learn of the loss of a loved one. Please accept our condolences. It had only been a short while since he had celebrated his birthday with his loved ones, and it didn’t feel like much time had passed at all.

During this difficult time, we beg you to please accept our sincerest condolences and know that they come from the bottom of our hearts. During the pertinent time period, he worked in the UST Technopark, which is located in the city of Trivandrum. His position there was that of an employee.

Vihan, his son, and Sunu Varghese, his wife, both of whom work in the secretariat of the Kerala legislative assembly, are his surviving family members. Sunu Varghese works at the secretariat of the Kerala legislative assembly, which is where he spends the majority of his time.

The majority of Sunu Varghese’s time is spent at his job as an employee in the secretariat of the Kerala legislative assembly. This is also the location where he lives. Karakulam is a community that is located within the larger metropolitan area of Trivandrum, and it was in this neighborhood that he was first exposed to the wider world. Karakulam can be found in the city of Trivandrum (1.5).

On the 22nd of December 2022 at two o’clock in the afternoon IST, funeral services are going to be held in the St. Stephen’s Bes Ania church in Chelad, which is located in the Kothamangalam area. The church is in the Kothamangalam neighborhood. The neighborhood of Kothamangalam is home to this beautiful church. These services are scheduled to take place on the day that is scheduled to follow the individual’s birthday promptly.

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