Aaron Laigaie Obituary, Proud boys co- founder died of Covid

Aaron Laigaie Obituary, Death – Aaron Laigaie, co-founder of Proud boys  and American far-right activist has passed away from Covid on Friday, January 13, 2022.  Prior to becoming a member of the Proud Boys, Aaron Laigaie had already made a name for himself as a stalwart advocate of white nationalist viewpoints. This was something he had accomplished prior to joining the club. In the 1960s and 1970s, a struggle known as the Rhodesian Bush War was fought in an effort to consolidate the rule of white minorities in the area that is now known as Zimbabwe.

This conflict took place in what is now known as Zimbabwe. This endeavor took place in the region that is now referred to as Zimbabwe. We observe that he has a romanticized view of the conflict that took place over the territory that is now known as Zimbabwe. This fight was fought in this part of the world. After leaving the Cascade Legion, he later joined a variety of hate groups, including the Cascade Legion, the blatantly neo-Nazi “PDX Stormers,” the Proud Boys, and the local branch of the Daily Stormer Book Club. He also joined the Cascade Legion after quitting those groups. In addition to that, he was a part of the Legion of the Cascades.

Laigaie has displayed a tendency for violent right-wing extremism since a young age, and he has a history of frequently antagonizing and attacking activists. Furthermore, he has a history of exhibiting these tendencies. His entire life has been characterized by this consistent pattern of behavior on his part. This behavior is backed up by a substantial amount of evidence gleaned from other instances in the past. According to the information that was presented in the story, it is alleged that he introduced himself by stating that he was a founding member of the Mount Baker Proud Boys as well as the organization’s current president. This assertion is based on the fact that he mentioned both of these things in his introduction.

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